"Now I don’t think anyone involved in the Podium Café women’s Virtual Directeur Sportif game have ever described ourselves as “experts” on women’s cycling, so you might look at the riders in this edition of Top Trumps, and ask “what were they thinking??” - because this one covers those riders we missed out of the game who have had road success this year. We might have missed them because they previously were based only in the USA, or we thought they were trackies - or in one case, had a long, brilliant career, but didn’t we expect her to come back - or because this was their break-through season. In any case, these are some riders I know I’ll be looking out for next year!"

Top trumps 15: New names in 2011 - Podium Cafe

My post on 6 riders who were new (on the road) for me in 2011 - Aude Biannic, Belinda Goss, Pia Sundstedt, Magdalena de Saint Jean, Jackie Crowell and Thalita de Jong.  Make me happy and read it