"Yesterday marked the start of my 2011 racing season with my local South African team, Nashua Toyota. In preparation for South African National Road Cycling Champs, my team mates Lizanne Naude, Anriette Schoeman, Robyn de Groot and I raced the 80km Cyclelab Cape Cobra Cycle race in Cape Town South Africa. We raced with the 40+ Vet men and Masters on a tough route with lots of climbing."

Femme Vélo » Cape Cobra Cycle race – story in pictures

Ashleigh Moolman has a great blog post with lots of photos about her first race of the season, with her South African team, Nashua Toyota….  which dominated the podium!  Have a look it’s full of pics of cycling in the sunshine!

1. Anriette Scheoman, 2.  Ashleigh Moolman, 3. Robyn de Groot - all Nashua Toyota for the South African season